let anesthesia and pain managment be an asset in your clinic not a liability

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Owners

Does my pet need an anesthesia consultation?

  • For most young, healthy pets, you do not need an anesthesiologist to be present. However, if your pet is being anesthetized for major surgery or has pre-existing health issues, an anesthesiologist can be a valuable asset. Geriatric pets also have a higher risk of complications under anesthesia. Pets that are insured or high monetary value also benefit from the support of an anesthesiologist.

How do I get my clinic to use you?

  • I'd be happy to contact your clinic to set up a consultation or you can refer them to my website for further information.

Is anesthesia really a risk?

  • Unfortunately, yes. Ours pets have a much higher chance of having complication under anesthesia than people. A study determined veterinary anesthetic complications to be as high as 12% and anesthetic deaths to be ten times greater than in humans. This risk is even higher for horses and exotic species.

How can I prepare my pet for anesthesia?

  • There are several websites dedicated to helping owners prepare their pet for anesthesia. Following your veterinarians directions is extremely important ecspecially concerning food and water prior to anesthesia.


My clinic does it's own anesthesia. How can you assist?

  • I can assist you in modifying your current protocol to make it safer or to provide alternatives for various patients. I can also assist you with equipment or monitoring training and continuing education. I can assist you with anesthesia on high risk patients as well.

Where do you travel to?

  • I can travel to any location however locations outside central Texas will include travel expenses in fees.

What are the typical fees?

  • Fees can be based on a per call basis or retainer. Clinic visits will be charged by the hour (+/- travel time and expenses) up to 4 hours then fees are based on per diem fee. Continuing education and training fees are variable depending on length and topic of presentation.

If we have a patient we're worried about, can we call you for advise before the surgery?

  • Once an account has been set up, I can usually return phone consults and emails within 24 hours.

Can we call you during anesthesia if some thing happens?

  • Once an account has been set up, I try to be as available as possible. I try to answer most calls as soon as possible but obviously this is not always possible. Setting up a consultation prior to surgery is recommmended. Emergencies will be on a case by case basis.

My clinic is just getting set-up. Can you help?

  • I am available to help you determine the best options for your clinic. This includes equipment, monitoring, organization, training and ordering of drugs and supplies.

Can you help us update our protocols or start using other analgesic modalities like CRI's?

  • Pain management is an ever evolving subject. Newer and better options for pain management are being constantly discovered. If you feel you need better pain mamagement or have a particularly difficult case, please let me help you.

Do we get CE credits for your presentations?

  • Yes, all presentation are eligible for CE credits for license requirements


Can you come to the clinic and help with training?

  • Yes, I can help your senior technicians that need some updating to training the new hire that needs to start from scratch.

Can you help us learn how to use the equipment/monitors?

  • Many companies provide free technical assistance with their equipment but if you have acquired an older model or have muliple pieces that you need help with, I can assist you.

Does your continuing education credits work for us?

  • Yes, presentations can be used for CE credits toward RVT requirements as well.

If we have a risky anesthetic patient can we call for help?

  • Once an account has been set up, I would be happy to help you determine the safest and best protocol for your patient. We can go over possible problems and emergency options. It is best to allow a minimum of 24 hours for me to return your call but often I can get back to you sooner if needed.

Have a question? Please contact me.